Keira’s Winter Klassic

Keira’s Story:

At 5 years of age Keira joined the game of ringette for the first time and never looked back. The speed, the competition, the strategy, the camaraderie – all were elements of the game that Keira absolutely loved. A tenacious competitor, Keira was a team player who enjoyed setting up plays as much as scoring a goal.

At the young age of 10, Keira was diagnosed with an aggressive brainstem tumour. Her trademark strength, resilience, and sense of humour helped support her throughout this difficult journey.

Tragically in June 2017, Keira was taken from us just six months after her diagnosis. Keira’s battle with cancer did not stop her from putting other people first. Her care and compassion for others prompted her to start Keira’s Krusade, an organization created to help support others diagnosed with cancer.

The community came together last year to create “Keira’s Winter Klassic”, an outdoor tournament that combined things Keira truly loved: ringette, Christmas and helping others. This family event highlighted Keira’s trademark resiliency and strength by hosting the ringette tournament outdoors. Keira’s humour was present via the fun activities and her love of providing for other via the pancake breakfast. The social in the evening highlighted Keira’s fun-loving, always-ready-to-dance personality.

Last year we raised a staggering $36,205.10 and all proceeds from Keira’s Winter Klassic went to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation via Keira’s Krusade to help fight pediatric brain cancer.

This year’s tournament will be hosted indoors at Keith Bodley Arena and is open to U12 B and C teams.  The tournament will run from February 8 – 10, 2019.

8 teams, $700 registration, 3 game guarantee. 100% of proceeds will once again go to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation via Keira’s Krusade.

For more information and to register, please contact Trista Tambakis at or text 204-612-0488.

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Sponsorship & Donation

To make the event a success, we need the help of individuals as well as generous organizations within our community.

Sponsorship of the 2019 Keira’s Winter Klassic is an excellent opportunity to gain marketing exposure and, at the same time, help children battling brain cancer improve their quality of life.

There is a variety of sponsorship opportunities available. All proceeds from Keira’s Winter Klassic goes to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation via Keira’s Krusade to help fight pediatric brain cancer.

2019 KWK Sponsorship and Donation Package

To become a sponsor, contact Char Henry (204) 771-6934.

Silent Auction

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