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SJRA Rebranding

St. James Ringette Association (SJRA) is a place for female athletes to be passionate about the sport of ringette. SJRA continues to strive for athletes to make lifelong friendships and build confidence in a safe environment in their community.

SJRA is comprised of five different community clubs (Assiniboia West, Heritage Victoria, Kirkfield Westwood, Sturgeon Heights and Woodhaven). Each community club has qualified and talented athletes, coaches and role models to ensure all SJRA athletes can reach their full potential throughout each ringette season. However, our vision for SJRA athletes is to play for one name.

SJRA has not seen a rebrand in numerous years and it is due for a change. Historically, each community club would host a ringette team, and the team would be supported by a club with ice, jerseys, conveners, goalie equipment, etc.

Over the last year, the SJRA board along with the club conveners have united to re-brand St. James Ringette as SJRA BOOM. The name SJRA BOOM has been carefully chosen.

In 2016, one of our own SJRA players, Keira Bond, was diagnosed with an aggressive brainstem tumour at the young age of 10.Keira was a tenacious competitor, a team player who enjoyed setting up plays as much as scoring a goal and her nickname on the ice was “Boom Boom”. Having played ringette since the age of five, Keira possessed incredible determination, resilience, strength and passion towards ringette.

At every age, SJRA players can resonate with the word BOOM as they continue to show determination, resilience and strength throughout each ringette season.

A great play BOOM!

A great shot BOOM!

A great goal BOOM!

A great save BOOM!

Over the next few ringette seasons, the new brand will be rolled out in each age group including jerseys. In addition, apparel will be available for purchase.

On behalf of the St James Ringette board members and club conveners we are truly excited to share the news of our rebranding to all current and future athletes, coaches and fans.


Interested in Joining our SJRA Board

We are currently looking to fill the position of Club Convenor for Woodhaven Community Club.

Our board can not run without members, so please consider this position. If you are interested, email Chelsea Kaufmann, SJRA President at

Duties and expectations for this role are outlined below and past convenors are definitely available help anyone out who volunteers for these roles.

Club Convenors

  • Positively represent and promote the sport of Ringette and SJRA in their respective community centres
  • Act as a liaison for the Members in their community to the Board
  • Provide support to all teams hosted by their respective community centre ensuring:
    • Teams are supplied with jerseys of appropriate size, in good repair and compliant with Ringette Manitoba and WRL standards
    • Teams are assigned appropriate outdoor ice times
    • Act as a liaison between parents and team management when requested by Board
  • Support Directors and Committees as required

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